Findhorn Cars Ltd, the current owners of NG Cars

Findhorn press release:
"After many years of loss, Findhorn Cars is taking steps to contract its business to avoid any further losses. No overheads will be incurred that can be avoided. No advertising will be made, no-one will be employed. The objective is to ensure that builders and owners of NG cars can be confident that Findhorn Cars will be able to continue to purchase NG specific parts. Nigel Brooks will continue to run the business. He himself will make some of the more difficult parts to source, such as dashboards and radiator grilles."
"Nigel is determined that NG parts and complete kits will continue to be available to the many fans of the cars. Indeed, in what little time he has spare from the day job, he will continue to build and develop the cars. After what seems like an interminable delay wide TF bodies will shortly be delivered. This determination has to be coupled to determination to control costs. This will result in the NG light burning only dimly in the kit car press; but please be assured that it is not being extinguished." 1-11-11


Findhorn Cars Ltd
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E-Mail : info@ngcars.co.uk