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2 December 2009

 Hello, also in Austria there are warm homes for TF's !

Peter Mieses





This is my TC V8, owned until recently
by Garry Lewis, and built by Ian Lewis.

Jonathan Fitton

My car is from the Pastiche era and is Cortina based. Pastiche adapted Green's Sierra design for the then cheaper and more plentiful Cortina components. Though I don't think the factory ever completed one and the kit was certainly not fully developed when the factory went bust. Furthermore, the new owners GTM and the subsequent buyers of the Ford models, Triple C (of Challenger E-type fame) decided to drop the Cortina because by that time (about 1993?) donor Sierras were becoming more plentiful - I've seen at least 6 Cortina based samples that have made it onto the road through the diligence and ingenuity of the builders/owners (my kit delivered 1990 on the road 1997) and it won the 'best Henley' plaque at the rally one year - I removed it from judging after that as there are too few Henleys! It is very much a DIY (design it yourself) job. It has all the advantages of extra space that the New Milton operation tried to build into the TS model they spent so long trying to create. (they measured my car!)

Peter Willmot (member 418)

This NG TC was built over 26 years ago A V8 NG TC
A pair of NG TA's
Two NG TF's