NG Club History

The idea of an owners club for NGs was born at the National Kit Car Rally at Donnington in June 1981. At the show there were six TAs one of which won the ‘Alternative Car Trophy’. The TAs turned in quicker times in the driving tests than the Marcos’… even the 3 litre ones!. Among those present were Ian Peacock, Tony Redington and Peter Nicholson. As there were only six members the monthly newsletter was manually typed using carbon paper by Liz Peacock. The first newsletter was a single side of A4 with a brief report of the Donington Rally and information about a pub get together in July.

By issue number 3 the magazine had doubled in size and had started to contain hints and tips on modifications as well as event details. By the sixth issue on 17th January 1982 there were 25 members. Up to issue 15 of the magazine or newsletter as it really was each one was personally addressed, but as the membership grew, this became an impossible task.

Ian organised the club until his sad death due to leukaemia in March 1982 when the running of the club was taken over by Peter Nicholson. January 1985 saw the year in with 137 members and Liz continued to type the newsletter until the club bought its’ own photocopier in March 1985. Then the work of membership secretary and magazine editor were taken on by Penny and Peter Fellowes.

Peter continued as secretary until October 1986 when he handed over to James and Anna O’Sullivan.

NG Cars History

NG Cars was founded in 1979 by vehicle and aeronautical design engineer Nick Green and based in New Milton, Hants. He began his career with Associated Engineers; a large manufacturer of car components and throughout his life had an interest in car re-construction. Over a period of nine months he developed his first NG model TA which appeared in Motor Sport in October 1979. This car went some way toward honouring the Aston Martin International of the 1930s.

The TA was a huge success and Nick was immediately spurred on to design the car he would really like to own. The result was the TC that appeared in V8 form in 1981.

In 1983 the 2+2 TD appeared in response to customer demand for a more practical NG, and, later in the same year it appeared with the elegant flowing wings that created the TF.

With NG cars a runaway success, Nick Green became a little bored and he returned to Southampton University to do a post-graduate degree. The reins were handed over to Peter Fellowes, an NG owner who had formed the TA Motor Company in Milton Keynes. He then moved the operation to Rotherham where the cars remained NGs but were sold under the banner of Pastiche Cars. These cars were designed for MG, Marina or Sierra based components.

The NG marque briefly went to GTM of Loughborough before being bought by engineer John Hoyle of Epsom in 1994. The TA became obsolete and the TF, TD and TC were the focus of constant development in preparation for the Single Vehicle Approval regulations of 1st July 1998.

John Hoyle retired in December 2000 and sold NG to the Imex Group International Limited of New Milton, Hants – the town where it all began. In 2002 the company was sold to Nigel Brooks of Findhorn cars. Nigel’s main company, Hill Hampton Limited, continued trading as Findhorn Cars from 2012.

Nick Green has since moved to Australia but is still in touch.

NG Cars Ltd – TA Motor Car Company – Pastiche Cars Ltd

The Nick Green years – 1979-
The Peter Fellowes years –
The GTM years –
The John Hoyle years 1994-2000
The IGI years – 2001-2002
Findhorn Cars – 2003-2012
Hill Hampton Limited trading as Findhorn Cars 2012-21