Photos submitted for the Photo Competitions.

Some photos of Rear EndsCockpits – Suspension. There are many more photos in the Social and the Models sections.

Photo Competitions

Back to the Future – NG Style !!!
P16 – Jeff Yardley
Mr ToAd under Cambrian Skies
P15 – Jeremy Evans – Mr Toad near Tregargon, mid- Wales 
Shapely rear causes Autumnal Blushes
P14 – Peter Sanders
Quayside Charisma
P13 – Peter Sanders 
Impressive Road Manners
P12 – Peter Sanders
Happiness is ———————-
P11 – Richard Phillipson – taken at the 2014 NG Rally
What more could a Girl want ?? !!!
P10 – Richard Phillipson- taken at Belmont St. Afrique airfield (France)
Yeh! We’ve all been there haven’t we fellers?!
P9 – Eric Fosbeary & ‘Kermit’
You’ll know where this is STRAIGHT away!
P8 – Charlie Killick ‘en-route’ to Le Mans
Are French B Roads all this Bad ??!!
P7 – Charlie Killick – Lost somewhere in France
Come On Jeremy!! Keep Up – Keep Up!!
P6 – Andrew Hadley Rocket & Mr ToAd on the Brynammon Mountain Road
Beauties in the Beacons
P5 – Jeremy Evans: Mr ToAd and Rocket deep in the Beacon Beacons
A Blue Belle amongst the Bluebells
P4 – Chris Hore: Rocket on a Spring Day in Wales
…by the Wye  
P03 – Paul Dales and ‘Gus’ – TA Pastiche
With the Hood down you can see for Miles
P02 – Paul Bennett’s Pastiche TF in the depth of Wales
Time for some Off-Roading 
P01 – Malcolm Snell & ‘Old Speed’
Bridge Dynamics!
P21 – New Bridge of Terenez (2012) in “La presqu’ile de Crozon” Brittany
The Lady and The Car
P20 – Julie modelling for Pierre Sabatier near Brest
Happiness in My NG!
P19 – Wim Bielars and his NG-TF Pastiche with Bart (hopefully not about to water the wheels!)
P18 – Robin Hill 
Araucaria Mechanicus ng (grease monkey puzzle)
P17 – Robin Hill
A Sunny Afternoon in Asfordby (Leics)
P16 – Malcolm Snell & ‘Old Speed’
PAPA’s little helper
P15 – Alan Goodbun and Grandson Hayden, cleaning ‘TC’ after a few days in Wales 
OK, so whose got the Key?
P14 – Malcolm & Fraser Snell ready for the Off
Will the Tow Rope take the Strain??!! 
P13 – Jeff Yardley: NG-TF 1800 with Vulcan Bomber at Wellesbourne Airfield 
High Plains Drifter 
P12 – John Valentine : NG-TF 1800 
Ol’Blue at out Casa Cueva 
P11 – John Valentine : NG-TF 1800 
Ol’Blue enjoys Andulcian Spring 
P10 – John Valentine : NG-TF 1800 
Reflections upon the Open Road 
P9 – Jessica Gillies at the wheel of Dad’s NG-TD 
Ripe for Restoration — the cottages, not Mt ToAd!!
P8 – Jeremy Evans and Mr ToAd at Pont-Rhyd-y-Groes, Nr Devil’s Bridge
Ho, Ho, Ho and off Santa goes 
P7 – Bill Hopkins as Santa
Sunny sky, Deserted roads, Le Mans here we come!!
P6 – Charlie Killock – on D304 near Lavardin, France
Towards Ronaldsay 
P5 – Jeremy Evans – NG TA OGF 265E – Mr Toad looks Northward from John O’Groats
A Reflection of my Passion!! 
P4 – Richard Wold – 5413RW – At Nettleton, nr Castle Combe
A NG visits the Rothschilds 
P3 – Paul Bennet – RUD882N – At Waddesdon Manor , Nr Aylesbury
Hazy, Lazy days of Summer!
P2 – Jeremy Evans – NGTA – OGF 265E – View over the Calf of Man
Now that’s a Lavendar car airfreshener!! 
P1 – Martin Coombs – NGTCV8 – TPC846F – Taken at Eynsford, Kent

Some Rear Ends

Rear bumper & leather strap…
You would be muddy if you were used every day
A wide body version of a TF
A standard width TF

Some Cockpits