Click on the links to view the various models that are/were in the NG range.

Since Nick Green’s original design, in 1979, over a 1000 cars have been lovingly created by our members. There are several types of car:

The NG TA, the original, ‘sit up and beg’ 2+2 

The NG TC a two seater, cycle wing with a boat tail 

The NG TD similar to the TF but with front cycle wings 

The NG TF a 2+2 flared wing beauty 

The NG Ascot a Marina based TF

The NG Henley was a Sierra or Cortina based TF 

The basis for the original cars was the old MGB with it’s 1800 cc engine. There were Ford (Sierra & Cortina) based versions as well as Marina. Latterly there has been a move to V8 engines.

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